Folk yeah!

Imagine standing out in a crowd of thousands of people, singing your favorite song, cheering your team to victory or out on the town in a truly one of a kind look. Folktown is that one of a kind brand where each piece has been curated and up-cycled for its next adventure... Folk Yeah!

My name is Tina Folk, hence Folktown, and I am the one woman show that gets to create each piece and having a blast doing it.  Folktown came about to feed my passion to create.  It started with hand painting vintage denim for a local boutique and then slowly transitioned into a unique pop up boutique.  I dusted off my grandma's sewing machine and Folktown came to life.  I currently have multiple T-shirt , flannel, denim and camo up-cycles and every season I put a new twist on something to keep it interesting.  Reduce , Re-use and Recycle is at the core of Folktown and I do everything I can to continue to use all the sewing scraps to create unique accessories and small tokens in every package.

As always Thank you for loving what I do!

Tina Folk